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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can I suggest a name that isn't currently in the baby names database?
A: If you have a name that isn't present in our database then by all means contact us with the name, meaning and also the origin of the name and we'll add it in.

Q: What is a "rare" baby name?
A: We consider an unusual baby name to be a name that isn't widely used. This doesn't mean they are strange and freaky, it just means they aren't used much.

Q: Where do you find your baby names?
A: We research names that we find using a variety of different sources; books, the Internet etc. Once we are sure the details are correct they are entered into our database.

Q: Why have you marked the name xxxxx as unusual when there are lots of people with that name in my country?
A: Unusual names can be quite subjective, in the UK Smith is a common name, however in the deepest Congo it is not. We have decided to use UK names as the yard stick to work out what is unusual and what is not.